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Material, Supply and Logistics

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Material, Supply and Logistics

SIC operator in our warehouse facility

When it comes to the supply and management of electronic components and assemblies you are in good hands.

With over 50 years procurement and logistics experience, and the benefit of long term relationships with a portfolio of world class supply partners, we are able to offer you a diverse and cost-effective sourcing network.

Our strength lies in this diversity – whether it’s manufacturing or sourcing materials and components, bought in items or finished assemblies – we can respond to your business requirements at the right price and with minimum distribution. Plus our established infrastructure offers you substantial commercial benefits.

We carry an extensive inventory range in our own warehouse facility, allowing us to offer extremely accommodating minimum order quantities and delivery deadlines.

We are committed to constantly growing this portfolio of suppliers and as our customer base expands and diversifies, so does our procurement network and supply selection.

Our products can be ordered in low and medium volumes allowing you greater flexibility. Where possible we suggest using generic products or materials as this can often help in reducing both costs and material lead-times for our customers. At SIC we can offer you a wide variety of delivery methods designed to suit our client’s needs. These delivery methods apply to all our manufactured products including wiring harnesses, cable assemblies, panel wiring and control boxes. You will benefit from the following delivery methods –

  • Direct Line Feed
  • Kanban
  • Just In Time
  • Consignment Stock Holding

All of which will be tailored and agreed to your specification. We closely monitor our delivery performance in conjunction with our clients and aspire to a 100% on time average.