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Battery Cables

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Battery Cables

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Our manufacturing capability is set up to offer our customers maximum flexibility over the battery cable production, comfortably handling large or small orders with the same level of quality and attention to detail applied to each and every order we receive.

Our in-house services mean that we are able to cut the battery cables to your exact requirements, crimp and terminate as well as applying heat shrunk coatings to guarantee that the finished battery Cable has protection from natural and mechanical corrosion.

As the main electrical input into a product, the battery cables that we supply are suitable for a range of transmission and power distribution applications, from machinery or products with mains power or battery powered in all indoor or outdoor use.

SIC have an on-going commitment to manufacturing excellence and as part of our robust manufacturing procedures we design and produce our own testing equipment that is fully tested in house. This ensures that we have confidence in the quality, reliability and suitability of every battery cable we supply

Our commitment to excellence does not end with the manufacturing process, our service extends to the point where the finished battery cable is delivered to our customer and we monitor all our deliveries, always aiming for a 100% on time average.

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