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Cable Assembly

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Cable Assembly

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The wide range of market sectors that we supply speaks volumes about our ability to manufacture cable assembly to exact tolerances, from small one off orders to large volume production.

Every individual assembly produced goes through robust manufacturing procedures at our facility in South Wales, backed up with ISO9001:2008, TS16949 & AS9100 compliance ensuring the highest levels of quality, every time.

As a result of the diversity of the market sectors we deal in we carry an extensive tooling portfolio that we have gathered over 50 years of business. We also carry an impressive range of raw material due to the variety of cable assemblies, wiring looms, control panels and control boxes that we currently supply to our existing customer base.

We can produce you a cable assembly for almost any application from simple ‘standard’ designs to complex bespoke forms that can have more than 1000 connections and be up to 25 metres in length. We can also process cables from 36 to 2 AWG and provide custom over moulding, wire stripping, marking, tinning and termination to suit your design.

Cable Assembly Diverse Range of Products

Cable assemblies have a number of applications throughout modern industry being used for a diverse range of products, this is why we treat each assembly order as a unique project and our in-house design team allows us to work with our customers to produce the exact cable assembly to suit their products.

This flexibility of production means that we are more than a supplier of cable assemblies to our customers; we are a manufacturing partner, a source for the highest quality components produced to their specific requirements by a highly skilled workforce with ISO9001 quality assurance.

Put simply, manufacturing excellence.

How can we help you?

  • Low Cost Manufacturing
  • Custom Over Moulding
  • Cables from 36 to 2 AWG up to 25 Meters
  • Over 3000 tooling applicators
  • Complex Bespoke Designs
  • Stripping, Marking, Tinning and Termination
  • Bespoke Cable Colouring
  • Complete Product Testing
  • Various Delivery Options Best Suit Your Needs
Over 50 Years in the industry

Manufacturing Excellence

We pride our self on our manufacturing capabilities such as wire cutting, termination, over moulding, crimping, tinning and termination. Using the latest and trusted assembly solutions to help create your product to your specification.

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