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Cables & Components

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SIC have over 50 years procurement and logistics experience in the sourcing supply and distribution of electronic components and cable assemblies, and the benefit of long term relationships with a portfolio of world class supply partners we are able to offer you a diverse and cost effective sourcing network.

Our strength lies in this diversity – whether it’s manufacturing services or sourcing materials and components, bought in items or finished assemblies – we can respond to your business requirements at the right price, quality and service. Plus our Low Cost Manufacturing (LCM) infrastructure offers substantial commercial benefits.

Over 14000 Products in Stores

We carry an extensive inventory range of cable and components in our own warehouse facility, allowing us to offer you extremely accommodating Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ), material distribution and delivery deadlines. We are committed to constantly growing this portfolio and as our customer base expands and diversifies so does our procurement network and supply selection.

Our transport fleet caters for the majority of UK logistics movements and we employ specialist courier networks to quickly and reliably respond to all our worldwide transportation requirements. We understand that sound logistical control is what guarantees we always deliver on our promises. Getting it right means we can achieve best fit supply solutions for you all of the time.

How can we help you?

  • Low Cost, Fast Turn Around
  • Custom Over Moulding
  • Cables from 36 to 2 AWG up to 25 Meters
  • Complex Bespoke Designs
  • Stripping, Marking, Tinning and Termination
  • Complete Product Testing
  • Various Delivery Options Best Suit Your Needs

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