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Control Boxes

Example of a Box Build Assembly from SIC

Our control boxes vary in size and complexity from simple plastic (Polycarbonate or ABS) enclosures incorporating printed circuit boards (PCB’s) to much larger sheet metal or stainless steel enclosures containing far more complicated components like inverters, contactors, transformers, relays, timers and power supply units(PSU’s).

SIC has been involved in the manufacture and assembly of control boxes for many years and we are able to offer you cost saving suggestions in the build and layout of the finished product like cable dressing, prepared panel wiring, strain resistance and improved connectivity.

Each control box enquiry is assessed to see what potential labour and material savings can be made. During the assessment our engineering team will offer suggestions with layout and design to make it as aesthetically pleasing as possible.

At SIC we pride ourselves on our commitment to manufacturing excellence in the assembly of our control boxes and any other products we produce that are ISO9001:2008 & AS9100 compliant and UL, NICEIC and IPC as required. Some of our most popular control box finishes include galvanised, spray painted and powder coated in whatever colour you require. We monitor both efficiency and quality through the manufacturing life-cycle of the product from the preparation of the control box which includes: fitting of din rails, rivets, nutserts and earthing points in either welded or riveted boxes – to final test, inspection, packing and dispatch.

Control Box Testing

All SIC control boxes go through a final test procedure which can include continuity testing, high voltage testing, full function testing, PAT testing and a full visual inspection. Additional types of testing can be carried out on any of our products at your request.

All test equipment is both designed and manufactured at SIC by our test department who liaise closely with you to make sure all control boxes are tested to your exact specification and requirements meaning no failures or rejects. We manufacture and assemble control boxes and box builds for a number of different sectors including ventilation, extraction, medical, switchgear, telecommunications and vacuum pumps.

All of these sectors and the customers within them have differing needs and requirements and SIC has the skills and capabilities to deal with them all

How can we help you?

  • 50 Years Experience and Knowledge
  • Guarantee Best Material Pricing
  • Low Cost Fast Turn Around
  • ISO 9001/ 14001 UL Certified
  • Engineering Advice on Design and Cost Saving
  • Bespoke Product Testing
  • Delivery Options Best Suit Your Needs
Over 50 Years in the industry

Manufacturing Excellence

We have the knowledge and expertise to manufacture your box builds products from simple enclosures to highly complex integrated designs. We work with you to problem solve, test and build your specification in house using the very best components we have sourced or you have provided.

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