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Earth Braids

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Earth Braids

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Our earth braids and earth straps are all made to order at our ISO9001 certified manufacturing facility to our customer’s exact requirements.

We can provide a level of manufacturing flexibility to ensure that your braid is designed and manufactured specifically for purpose.

A typical earth bonding is commonly made up of a round or flat braid, finished with a lug at both ends but additional options can include a variety of strand sizes, lengths, braid finishes, alternative termination options and identification and ultimately the specification of each is ultimately dependent on application.

The straps or braids are designed as flexible electrical connectors in bonding applications and are made up of multiple layers of flexible braiding in parallel or in stacks, in order to achieve the required current density. Naturally, due to the nature of application, our range of earth bonding options are frequently used throughout a diverse range of industries.

50 years Knowledge of Earth Braids

With over 50 years’ knowledge, experience and expertise we can accurately manufacture the correct earth braid or earth strap to suit your requirements, with the necessary electrical, temperature, flexibility and corrosion resistance performance to ensure that your earth bonding product is optimised for application. This in depth understanding of the products and industries means that we fully understand the expectations of our customers and we aim to surpass these on every project, providing manufacturing excellence at every step of the way.

How can we help you?

  • Supply to Diverse Range of Industries
  • Flexible Braiding in Parallel/Stack
  • Various Lug options available
  • 100% tested and quality inspected
  • A choice of deliver options for your needs.

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