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Wire Looms

Wire loom on the Assembly & Test Fixture at SIC Ltd

Wire looms are a key component for a variety of diverse industries dependent on high performance products, including Automotive, Aerospace, HVAC, Medical, Catering, Semiconductor, Switchgear and Gaming. SIC manufactures for all such industries and many more.

Our quality commitment is guaranteed and it’s because of this assurance that our portfolio of market leading customers and market sectors widens year on year. Our customers depend on our wiring looms at the very heart of their builds which are often attached to other components such as printed circuit boards (PCB’s) or integrated into much larger builds like control panels or full box build assemblies.

Wire Loom Knowledge, experience and expertise

We have been manufacturing wiring looms for over 50 years – since our inception in 1964 -and our knowledge, experience and expertise has enabled us to hone our processes and master the manufacture of all our products. We are recognised industry experts and have the infrastructure to manufacture every loom efficiently, to the tightest tolerances with a proven quality standard. This development of knowledge and experience means that we can also assist you with the design of wire looms using our in-house engineering team, no matter how complicated or intricate the requirements. Many of the specialist machines we use enable us to produce any loom configuration to exacting tolerances or specifications that would otherwise be unattainable.

Value engineering solutions

We always engage in value analysis on all of our wire looms and offer cost effective engineered solutions to meet your project requirements. We source our raw materials cheaper using our sizeable purchasing power, allowing us to purchase lower minimum order quantities through long term relationships with many suppliers.

When quoting a new customer our aim is to provide a fixed cost at a reduced rate. This, combined with a consistently high quality standard and a highly efficient service throughout every department at SIC, makes us the obvious choice for wiring loom manufacture.

How can we help you?

  • 50 Years Experience and Knowledge
  • Engineering Advice on Design and Cost Saving
  • Fast turn around Prototyping
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Onsite Bespoke Product Testing
  • Product Operators trained to IPC 620
  • Guarantee Best Material Pricing
  • ISO 9001/ 14001 UL Certified
  • Delivery Options Best Suit Your Needs
Over 50 Years in the industry

Manufacturing Excellence

Our team of highly skilled operators and engineers will guide you through the entire process from design, build, quality, testing, and delivery for complete satisfaction. Our wiring loom section offers you bespoke design from small scale projects to large complicated designs.

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