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Wiring Harnesses

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Wiring Harnesses

Person making a Wire Harness at SIC Ltd

We have our origins firmly rooted in wiring harnesses and wiring loom production and our knowledge and experience of a wide range of manufacturing processes makes us the perfect choice for our clients around the world.

Our wiring harness production facilities in the UK and China, mean we offer you realistic manufacturing solutions which meet your commercial requirements. We know the importance of reliability and flexibility and it’s these foundations which form the basis of our wiring harness business.

The range of wire harnesses we produce varies from miniature 25 millimetre interface connections to large-scale 25 metre trailer wiring harnesses, and we’re able to construct bespoke manufacturing cells for you where needed. So, whether it’s a specialist clean area facility for the medical profession or a dedicated factory unit for complete box build, we have the infrastructure in place to allow us to provide you the best fit manufacturing solutions.

Wire Harness Quality Procedures

Each wiring harness produced is manufactured using robust processes and procedures taken from our quality standard ISO 9001:2008. Our UK manufacturing facility is also UL approved and AS9100C/TS16949 compliant.

We give the same level of service and care to the production of one off samples, small production runs or high volume manufacture. Our wide range of cables – including PVC, Silicone, Kynar and PTFE – meet all relevant global quality standards, meaning we’re able to meet the specifications of the most demanding industry sectors for any wire harness we produce.

How can we help you?

  • 50 Years Experience and Knowledge
  • High Volume to Low Volume
  • Low Cost Manufacturing
  • ISO 9001/ 14001 UL Certified
  • Engineering Advice on Design and Cost Saving
  • Quality Testing
  • Bespoke Product Testing
  • Delivery Options to Best Suit Your Needs
Over 50 Years in the industry

Manufacturing Excellence

At SIC Ltd we have a wealth of experience in manufacturing Wire and Cable Harnesses for an array of electrical products, from large scale harnesses for automotive companies to small intricate looms for mobile phones. Our capabilities are endless and we offer bespoke designs for any project, this combined with our competitive prices makes us the perfect partner for your manufacturing needs.

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Our technical sales advisers will contact you to discuss your requirements with your project and arrange a Free Quote or Site Visit.

(Please Note we are unable to provide quotes for a single/individual Harness for automotive vehicles. (Cars, Bikes..etc))